Cleaning accessories

Cleaning - accessories

As a manufacturer, we support you of course around the theme of Reinigungstechnk. That's why we are proud to be able to offer you our accessories, also with.

A great advantage is that even this accessory, such as goods vehicles, manufactured by us according to your requirements.

Oil separators / filtration unit

During a wash cycle, the wash medium with captured contaminants (oil, particles, etc.) will be charged. To obtain a relatively consistent cleaning results over a certain period of time.

Stands and carts

Warentäger und Warenkörbe


The DeSonic carrier and baskets are made from stainless steel. The surfaces are depending on to use electro polished, stained or glass bead blasted.

Cleaning concentrates

Reinigungskonzentrat, Reiniger, Reinigungsmittel

The DeSonic detergent and friut are specifically designed for use in an ultrasonic bath.



Supported by the filter pump wheel up to Passivierungs - or preservatives