Cleaning equipment for simple purity requirements

Tauchreinigungsanlage DCS 3-80

Diving equipment also for the paint removal and stripping

The figures show a diving cleaning plant of the type DCS 3-80 from our production. This system includes the following processes:
  • Chamber 1 = dive cleaning at 70 ° c.
  • Chamber 2 = diving conservation
  • Chamber 3 = drying

The cleaning Chamber has an underwater spray to support, this causes a swirling of the cleaning media.

A spread of contamination in the 2nd Chamber is prevented by the Oberflächenabskimmung. Extensions such as lifting or handling equipment (see movie) are easily executable.



Material / processing

  • Easy to clean stainless steel
  • Tray made of stainless steel, welded
  • and glass bead blasted
  • Device drip-proof

Electronics / sensors

  • digital temperature control
  • digital timer
  • Limit temperature monitor


  • Manual transport system - verfahr - and positionable stroke unit on the system running the stroke / oscillation back automatically. The time duration is adjustable.
  • Cover- Stainless steel slip - or hinged cover possible 
  • Shopping cart- Stainless steel, various training courses and loads possible
  • Oberflächenabskimmung - equipment of the system with a lance and a circulation pump, connection of the overflow bag to a single-stage filter unit
  • Oil separator- Equipment of the system with a lance and a circulation pump, connection of the overflow bag on an external oil separator
  • Lifting system with oscillation - on and driving out the goods carrier and the oscillation during the cleaning

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