For removal of coatings on technical surfaces


Decoating / Enlackung

Discharge layering and discharge coating equipment E.g. type RS PL 120 SP from our PROFESSIONAL LINE series to the Enstchichten of PVD coated tools or the stripping of various parts (preferably with ultrasound).


  • Completely made of stainless steel
  • high temperature up to 80 ° C
  • sealing a hinged lid with gas pressure spring
  • Air preparation
  • Overflow bag in preparation for filtration or circulation
  • Digital temperature adjustment
  • Digital timer

Material / processing

  • Easy to clean stainless steel
  • Tray made of stainless steel, welded
  • and glass bead blasted
  • Device drip-proof
  • Overflow bag

Electronics / sensors

  • digital temperature control
  • Limit temperature monitor

Special features / options

  • Plant cover - as tight closing lid with gas pressure spring and rubber gasket on the edge of the cover
  • Ultrasound- Equipment of the system with ultrasonic swing elements / transducer on the bottom or side. The ultrasonic generator is integrated into the system (external placement optional)
  • Dust nozzle - in the hinged lid including extension of the electrical system for the connection of an external fan 3 L N PE with max. 550 W total power. equipment of the system with a cover contact to control the extraction
  • Shopping cart- Stainless steel, various training courses and loads possible
  • Oberflaechenabskimmung
    Equipment of the system with a lance and a circulation pump, connection of the overflow bag to a single-stage filter unit
  • Oil separator
    Equipment of the system with a lance and a circulation pump, connection of the overflow bag on an external oil separator
  • Lifting system with oscillation
    and driving out the goods carrier and the oscillation during the cleaning

More pictures

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