Example AD 1-200


Convection dryers

The circulating air dryers round off any cleaning section of our DeSonic. As an optional extension to our cleaning machines and equipment, as a trough dryer AD (here pictured AD 1-200).

These dryers can be equipped in addition with a clean room filters, so a particle freer to ventilation for each application is warranted.

Of course, these systems also can be integrated into a multi Chamber system and thus operated by a transport system.

Material / processing

  • Easy to clean stainless steel
  • Welded pan made of stainless steel, and glass beads gestrahlt
  • Device drip-proof
  • Drain condensate / liquid

Electronics / sensors

  • digital temperature control
  • digital timer
  • Limit temperature monitor

Special features

  • Flood protection of the fans against excessive fluid entry


  • ND high-performance fans