Transport system

Transport systems

Service automation and transfer of work processes in the cleaning.

DeSonic transport system übernehmene various processes of a purification plant. Distinction is made between manual transport system or fully automatic transport system.

for the fully automatic transport of cleaning goods

Automatisches Transportsystem

ATS-automatic transportation system

The figures show a variant of the multi-Chamber ultrasonic cleaning unit with automatic transport system (ATS). The ATS and the corresponding control thus resulting in a fully automatic cleaning system that required only a few manual operations.

These interventions are to provide the baskets at the originating station and the input of the program intend to use on the control panel.

All other processes, such as heating up the media, turn of the ultrasound, transport of the baskets to the duty station etc takes over the control or the transport system.

These systems can open, secured by a light bar, as in this example, or closed by a housing.

ATS - automatic transport system

  • as a two-axis robot
  • the conversion operation
  • Drive with gear motors with absolute encoders
  • complete control via PLC Simatic S7-300
  • with control panel or touch panel
  • possible hook in goods movement in all stations

Example UCS 2-430 MTS

2-Kammer Ultraschall-Reinigungsanlage

Manual transport system

is a manual verfahr - and positionable stroke unit on the back of the system. Via a rail system, the complete arm including shopping cart between the individual station can proceed and be positioned. The execution of the stroke / oscillation takes place automatically. The time duration is adjustable. The stroke is done pneumatically.

The figures show a variation of the multi-chambered ultrasonic cleaning systems with manual transport system (MTS).

The MTS is between the individual stations (basin) procedure by hand or moved.

Important parameters, such as cleaning time and temperature, are set on the control panel. The cleaning process starts on the control panel of the MTS.

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