Multi-level multi-chambered Reingungsanlagen for highest purity requirements and high Reproduzierbakeit

Feinstreinigungsanlage für Optiken

Fully automated ultrasonic cleaning systems

are different cleaning systems where the cleaning material single processes such as for example Precleaning, cleaning, neutralizing, flushing, fine - Feinstspülen and drying, automatically go through mostly in line. The fully automatic systems will equip this with the carrier loaded on a conveyor belt or directly from the originating station.

The stored in the program process and parameter settings for each process to be performed fully automatically by choosing a program and it starts. This process can be saved for documentation or reproducibility in turn with specified sizes as a platform-independent file optional.

Are mainly used for fine cleaning in the following fields of application of industrial fully automated cleaning systems.

Applications of fully automated multi-Chamber ultrasonic cleaning systems

  • Medical technology
  • optical industry
  • Automotive supplier
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Filtration and environmental technology
  • Circuit board manufacturing
  • u.v.m

Material / processing

  • Easy to clean stainless steel
  • Frame made of aluminium or stainless steel with
  • height-adjustable feet
  • Housing with plastic glazing
  • Tray made of stainless steel, welded,
  • heat and sound-proofed
  • Device drip-proof
  • Tub drain as ball valve

Electronics / sensors

  • Control via PLC S7/300
  • Operation via touch screen (OP)
  • Level monitoring
  • Ultrasound with performance consistency and
  • Frequency automatic
  • Generator integrated into system,
  • Control cabinet, ext.
  • Power control ultrasonic 40% - 100% embarkment PLC


  • Automatic transport system - verfahr - and positionable stroke unit on the back of the system
    The execution of the stroke / oscillation takes place automatically. The time duration is adjustable.
  • automatic lid - stainless steel drying chamber
  • Frequencies - 25, 40, 80 or 120 kHz
  • Shopping cart- Stainless steel, various training courses and loads
  • Oberflächenabskimmung - equipment of the system with a lance and a circulation pump, connection of the overflow bag to a single-stage filter unit
  • Oil separator - Equipment of the system with a lance and a circulation pump, connection of the overflow bag on an external oil separator
  • Lifting system with oscillation - on and driving out the goods carrier and the oscillation during the cleaning

Award of German industry award in the category of engineering in 2008

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