Ultrasonic systems

Ultrasonic cleaning systems from Saxony

Ultrasound equipment are diving equipment as single-Chamber or multiple Chamber units used for cleaning of components and workpieces with speziefischer or komplezierter geometry, such as blind holes, holes, cooling ducts and undercuts using ultrasound.

DeSonic ultrasonic systems are used in nearly all industrial sectors. Whether to achieve technical cleanliness-related automotive parts, surface pretreatment for subsequent coating or plating, or even to assist in the removal of coatings such as paints or lacquers.

Applications of ultrasonic cleaning equipment

  • Medical equipment, surgical instruments
  • Optics, laser optics, technical glass
  • Precision parts manufacturing
  • Automotive transmission parts, engine parts
  • for rotary - machine parts, screws, punching and bending parts
  • Semiconductor manufacturing, wafers, Saphirwafer
  • Filtration and environmental technology, petroleum and diesel filters
  • Production of printed circuit boards, circuit boards and boards
  • Electrical engineering and parts, coils, switches, relay
  • u.v.m
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